Photographs by Rosemary Sheel

View professional photographs from exotic lands: the Sahara Desert, West Africa, Morocco, China, Peru, Vietnam, Egypt, Niger, India, and Ladakh, a country nestled in the Himalayan mountains near Tibet.

Landscapes of the Sahara Desert:

sand dune in sahara desert

Vistas of Araouane, a village smothered by drifting sands, located half way between Timbuctu and the salt mines of Taodenni. Araouane is an ancient village still important to the life of the salt caravans because it has several deep wells with life-saving sweet water.

Traza, also in Mali is an abandoned ruin of a once fabled salt mine. Only the faint outline of the settlement is discernable in the sand. Look closely, though and you will spy pottery shards, Neolithic axe heads and arrowheads.


Oualata, Mauritania, with its unique painted houses, is now an isolated village but was once an important caravan destination and Islamic religious center.


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Photographs of Nomads

nomad man wearing turban feeds goat from hand

I am especially interested in tribal people and have many photographs of traditional people going about their daily lives, in tents, caves and on the move.

Portraits of Haratine, Berbers and Moors (R’guibat tribe) and the famed Touareg who still use caravans to transport goods to trade for salt in the Sahara Desert.


Touareg men enjoy tea in Taodenni

Here you see some Touareg men in Taodenni. They have purchased their salt and will depart the next morning. This is the type of photo you will see and the people you will learn about on Travel Photographs by Rosemary Sheel


Tatooed Rabari of western India with their beautiful hand-embroidered costumes,


mysterious veiled “Blue Men” men of the Sahara,

Woodabe who wear unique costumes and make up to win beauty contests,

Inca performing traditional dances in the mountains of Peru,

H’mong tribes in the mountains of North Vietnam.

I’ve loved the idea of travel ever since grammar school when I read Richard Halliburton’s Complete Book of Marvels. Although The Complete Book of Marvels is an outstanding travel narrative, I remember poring over the photos of desert tribesmen and wishing I could know more.  I wanted to know everything.

I include my own stories with my photographs in case you, too, want to know everything.  Here you can live my adventures with me, relive your own adventures or get an idea for new adventures.