ala Gauguin

Burmese woman with flowers on her head
South Seas Beauty

I saw this woman in a small village market. Of course, I was attracted to her because she had a bundle of foliage on her head. She was busy shopping and I couldn’t get the shot I wanted. This is my best, but I had to do a lot to it to get it to this point. I love the mystery and romance of an old photo album and I try to achieve that when I can. As my daughter says, “It’s a process.” meaning that it is trial and error. Luckily with a computer trial and error is easy. 

To get this look, I used Alien Skin’s new version of Exposure 4. When you click on the Age tab, you can make your photo look as if it were taken from one of those padded velvet photo albums of a hundred years ago.

I saw a review of a book on creativity in the Wall Street Journal yesterday. The book is: “Imagine: How Creativity Works” by Johah Lehrer.  You can probably read the review if you google it. You will find it interesting. We can all be creative is the good news.


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