Portrait of Two Giraffes

two giraffe heads with a blended background


U.S.A. 2017 San Diego Wild Animal Park

I am pleased if I can get a shot of two or more somethings in a pleasing pose. I was lucky on this day when the shorter giraffe began to rub its head on the neck of the taller giraffe. There was a third giraffe in there, but his head didn’t help my composition so I got rid of him. The background of trees was distracting as well so they, too, had to be removed.

But what could replace these elements? I looked in my “sky” file and found a shot of brownish clouds that worked. It took me many, many tries until I got the color I wanted.

I learned this technique from Jim Zuckerman who gives instructions on this very topic in his latest e-magazine. You can find it on his website: www.jimzuckerman.com

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