The Retro look

a retro cafe on a San Francisco corner

Not enough ambiance

retro cafe with highly saturated colors

These intense colors recall the forties to me

I took a walk around the block on a recent trip to San Francisco. I had no special photo goal in mind. I tried to imagine being in a foreign place where my instincts are alert. It’s hard here in America, because everything is familiar and I’m hesitant to photograph people without permission. So I fell back on retro architecture which I must say I like.

 The forties look of this café attracted me, partly because a vision of a slab of cream pie popped into my mind when I saw the sign. 

This is a busy corner and wandering around the intersection in search of the perfect angle was not a possibility. I did my usual and shot one view. Oh, let’s face it, I couldn’t get into the photo groove.
When I looked at my photo, I wasn’t that impressed.  Nothing popped, well except for that slice of cream pie. I decided to try  to rescue my little café. . I have a predilection for supersaturated colors and naturally I thought this pic was a good candidate for that. ( I always think a photo is a good candidate for more color and it is not easy to make me think otherwise.)

I used my NIK Color EFex Pro 3 Tonal Contrast, one of my very favorites. And I used my other favorite, ‘poster edges’, in Photoshop. I love the vintage look these give even though the people in the photo are wearing modern clothing.  It makes them look like caricatures. The bright colors bring the photo to life, they say, “FUN”

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