Neva River Landscape

landscape Neva River with St. Petersburg

The Neva and St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg, Russia 2009

Another shot from the bus window. We had no free day, no day to be on the loose in this beautiful old city. St. Petersburg has so many world-famous museums, palaces and monasteries to see that I never skipped an excursion arranged by our cruise ship. I knew that this would be my only chance to see a bit of the art the city offers.

It would be wonderful to spend two weeks in St. Petersburg, going to the Hermitage every day. With more than three million works of art in 120 rooms, you’d never get to the end.  The Tretyakov Gallery houses 130,000 exhibits of Russian fine art. I’d like to see those, too. One of my favorite artists is Ilya Repin. His paintings bring history alive. See:

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