Tibetan women in costume in a small town in China

Spending the day in town

We stopped for lunch in a small town in western China on our way to Tibet. Tibetan people live here as well. It is common to see monks in their scarlet robes. They might also be wearing a cowboy hat and riding a motorcycle, though.

These women wear the same costume Tibetan women in Tibet wear. They also wear the traditional turquoise jewelry mixed with coral. Their hair might be braided…more than two braids and each braid decorated with Tibetan jewelry. Their cheeks were sunburned just as the Peruvian mountain people’s skin was sunburned. Most women wear a hat with a large brim to protect their complexion.

One thing I must tell you is that no matter where you stop for lunch in China, you will find a place to eat that serves delicious food. I miss their food. I gained a few pounds in China. Those spicy noodles. I wish I had some now.

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