Timothy McMiller

portrait of man in tee shirt

It's Saturday Afternoon

Walking down the street in San Luis Obispo, I met Timothy who, when seeing my camera, called to me not to take his photo. Then he assumed this irresistible pose. 

I did a simple painterly look in Topaz Simplify, one of my favorite software apps. There were some spotlights on the ceiling and I streaked them a bit with the mixer brush in Photoshop CS5. 

Timothy was the sort of person who loves to have his photo taken because the lens is kind to him…meaning this is how Timothy looked. Hope you like this, Timothy. I do.


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2 Responses to Timothy McMiller

  1. Lori Mc Miller says:

    Hello Rosemary, My name is Lori Mc Miller, Timothy Mc Miller is my brother, (just in case you couldn’t tell by our names :0 🙂 ) I came across the picture you took of him, & I Must Say: Rosemary, Thank You, Thank You, & Thank You, that is a WONDERFUL pic you took of my bro!!! You are a WONDERFUL photographer!!! 🙂 . I haven’t seen bro in a few, I’m in New York, so it was good to see this picture 🙂

    • Rosemary says:

      Hello, Lori.

      I’m so glad you found Timothy’s photo. I have wondered if he ever saw it. I so appreciate you writing to thank me…Best to you.

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